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Mission Trip Details


Wide Awake Missions plans trips around you. In order to minister to a variety of different cultures, we need your talents, spiritual gifts, and individuality to reach every Tribe, Tongue, and Nation. We create experiences that will tap into the many aspects of your walk with the Lord.




* A balance between personal spiritual growth, unique ministry, and, of course, Adventure.


* Personal and team development through daily inspired devotionals, personal quiet times, group discussions, ministry, worship and prayer.


*Ministry outreaches allowing you to develop and/or realize your God-given gifts and talents, while ministering and sharing your faith in the harvest field. 


We have specialized trips that will allow God to open your eyes to a lost and hurting world. Through totally unique outreach opportunities, you will have the chance to share your testimony and to share the love of Christ and His message of salvation. 


You may have the opportunity to share your faith through one of many outreach tools: drama evangelism, work projects, loving on children in orphanages, village trips to outlying poorer areas, local church services, food distribution, and much more. You will be part of a team with people from all over America as you minister and intentionally share the love of Jesus to everyone you meet.


Wide Awake Missions, a nonprofit Christian mission organization, specializes in planning adventurous, short-term mission trips for teens, college students, adults, and churches. We custom-design special trips to provide the best experience possible for participants. Because of our experience in leadership overseas, our passion for bringing salvation to the lost, and our commitment to you and your experience, a trip with Wide Awake Missions may be your next “fearless pursuit.” 


Wide Awake Missions handles ALL the details of all in country logistics. Safety is paramount, and we will do everything in our power to achieve it. 


The Process

After you have applied and been accepted, which takes about one week, you will receive an acceptance letter and preliminary information on obtaining a passport, visa (if needed), training and domestic flight information, specific trip details, what to pack (and not), and other important details about the trip. You will also receive a payment schedule from Wide Awake Missions to help with the fundraising/payment process. Checks or money orders should be written to Wide Awake Missions, Inc. For convenience, we also (Securely) take credit cards.


Training and Gathering

Each trip typically begins and ends in Miami, Florida, (TBD) and training starts on the very first evening of the trip.



Meals will be provided by lodging where we stay, churches, and restaurants. For off-site ministry days, we will pack lunches to go. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange meals for vegetarian and special diets, but we will try!  



Mostly Private, chartered transportation will be primarily used. Public transportation will be utilized when specifically needed.



As time draws closer to the trip, we will provide emergency contact information, including phone, website info., and emails, for our accommodations, churches, and main country contact. You are welcome to bring a cell phone and may call home. In addition, our leadership team will have a cell phone with them at all times.


Information Forms and Medical

There are a few insurance and release/travel forms that require a parent's signature. These need to be finalized before the trip deadline. All trip participants are advised to follow the recommended travel immunizations as stated on the Health Form and must provide us with medical insurance and physician information.



*If you are a Pastor or Youth Pastor and would like a special trip designed with your flavor of ministry and involvement and country of choice, let us do all the heavy lifting. This will allow you the time and energy to share your mission trip vision to your church or youth group without getting bogged down by all the logistics.

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