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Board of Directors

Greg Hughes, Founder and Director

Fort Collins, Colorado

Lisa Hughes, Co-Founder and Administrator

Fort Collins, Colorado

Darren Zander, Board

Erie, Colorado

Debbie Cox, Board

Fort Collins, Colorado

Shelly Higginbotham, Board

Shawnee, Kansas

Vance and Stacey Rogers, Advisors

Corbett, Oregon​

Pastor Brett Louis, Spiritual Advisor

Woodbury, Minnesota

Christ Redeemer Church

Todd Louis, Financial Advisor

Dallas, Texas

At present, Greg and Lisa live in Fort Collins, Colorado, with their four children. They enjoy planning and taking groups on mission trips around the globe. Greg and Lisa have been married for more than twenty years and enjoy spending time in the mountains of Colorado.


They believe the mission's life is more than just a short trip overseas...but rather it's the start of a missional journey, where Jesus smashes everything in your life and opens your eyes to a new, fresh, and adventurous passion--a task that is greater than yourself.


Something amazing happens when you sacrifice everything to walk the dusty, foreign soil of a third world's in these lost, dark places that God grabs hold of your soul and lights it on fire!


Jesus demands more than we can ever give, but He offers more than we can ever imagine. 


See Founders...

The board of directors and advisors are comprised of respected and experienced leaders. Accountability for all the resources that God has entrusted Wide Awake Missions begins with our awareness that those who share their time and money with WAM view us as stewards. All funds received are considered sacred. We know donations represent people's faith in the vision of the ministry’s international outreaches.


We know that God sees our every action, and as we listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all that we do, we endeavor to spend our resources according to our core values and mission. Our own board of directors and advisors help guide and review the direction and performance of the ministry. 

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