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Greg and Lisa Hughes




At present, Greg and Lisa live in Fort Collins, Colorado, with their four children. They enjoy planning and taking groups on mission trips around the globe. Greg and Lisa have been married for more than twenty years and enjoy spending time in the mountains of Colorado.  


They believe the mission's life is more than just a short trip overseas...but rather it's the start of a missional journey, where Jesus smashes everything in your life and opens your eyes to a new, fresh, and adventurous passion--a task that is greater than yourself.

Greg and Lisa have made it their passionate mission to help others devise a plan to escape to the harvest field whenever possible, and they urge you, in faith, to join them and their team in enjoying the adventurous life of Christ outside your comfort zone (and time zone).


Greg has 30+ years in training, organizing, and taking groups overseas on mission trips, while ministering and exploring over 100+ countries up close and personal. 


While attending the University of Northern Colorado, Greg served in many capacities in Young Life, starting as a leader and then as a camp counselor. Afterward, he enrolled in Bible school and earned a degree in Youth Ministry and Missions. He fulfilled the passion of being a Youth Pastor and was called upon to create a stateside and international mission program, becoming the Mission Director of Oneighty, one of the largest youth groups in America. During his first year at Oneighty, he successfully took over 250 students to four countries.  


He received specialized training through RUN (Reaching Unreached Nations) in Singapore. The core of this training was learning about effective evangelistic media tools, culturally sensitive discipleship models, and practical skills for helping a ministry to become self-sustaining.  


Working as a Project Director for a national mission organization, he has led numerous short-term trips, taking thousands overseas. Greg has traveled the United States, ministering in churches and youth groups, while sharing amazing stories of salvation, healing, inspiration, and grace from the global harvest field. 


Greg was also the Co-Founder of Big World Ventures, a youth missions ministry, taking hundreds of teens overseas on various trips.


After selling a business they owned, Greg and his family transitioned to beautiful Colorado, his home state, and began to utilize all of his past experiences, training, failures, and successes to create Wide Awake Missions. This nationwide ministry has been established to fulfill the call of God to “GO” into all the world spreading the good news that Jesus is alive and those that call upon His name will be saved.

Lisa is an Editor for Hydration Media and Love Justice International. She has a huge heart for God, is the glue that allows all the ministry to thrive and succeed, loves traveling and being a part of any mission trip, is extremely gifted in administration, and enjoys the one-on-one ministry within the dynamics of a team environment.


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