Missions Application

Important details after the application!

1. Fill out your Application and submit. 


2. E-mail a "headshot" photo, or your favorite "you" shot to: go@wideawakemissions.org (Your picture will be part of a "Country Team Page")


3. A $100 ($200 for the African Gap Semester) trip deposit will be due within the deadline sent to the applicant after acceptance. Your $100 deposit is included in the price of your mission trip. 

4. Once individuals are accepted, they will receive an acceptance letter and specific information and forms needed that are pertinent to their specific trip.


2020 Trips

$3,485  Summer Peru Mission Adventure                                  June 1 - 13

$4,785  Botswana & Namibia Outreach                                      June 15 - July 2

$4,575  South Africa & Cape Town                                              July 15 - August 1

$3,550  Kilimanjaro Charity Trek  (Click Here to Register)   August 3 - 15

WAM International Internship

$6,990  African Gap Semester                                                      August 26 - November 22

Online Deposit, Donation, & Trip Payment Info.




Trip costs are based on Summer/Fall 2019 prices. Due to continued changes in the airline industry, it may be necessary to add an additional airline surcharge. Wide Awake Missions will avoid this if at all possible. Dates, travel arrangements, and schedules are also subject to change. Application fees, deposits, and contributions are non-refundable, due to IRS regulations.

In the event of political unrest or natural disaster, Wide Awake Missions will decide if and where to send a team. In the event that a trip is canceled, for any reason, team members will be assignedby Wide Awake Missions to another country of similar expense and experience. Wide Awake Missions serves Christ in grace and humility and seeks to be culturally sensitive to the ministry of the Gospel in each country.

Team members, Leaders, and Staff serve at their own risk. Wide Awake Missions is not liable in the event of sickness, accident, death, terrorist acts, transportation issues, or any other expense beyond that of normal involvement. 


All donations received by Wide Awake Missions go toward project expenses. To receive a tax deduction, the IRS stipulates that the donor must release control of the money donated to the non-profit organization. For this reason, money cannot be refunded and cannot be designated to a specific person. The individual will be a "fundraiser" and will get credit for raising the funds equal to the price of the trip. If an individual is unable to participate in the Wide Awake experience, the funds he/she has raised, less incurred expenses will remain credited to the individual for one year.


For Policies and Principles for Tax Deductible Donations to Wide Awake Missions, Inc. Click Here