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Why travel with WAM? 

When you take a trip with Wide Awake Missions you immerse yourself in another culture filled with stunning opportunities to serve, share, be inspired, love, and give of yourself. Led by seasoned leaders, you join a team of like-minded adventurers who have a heart for the lost, hurting, less fortunate, and broken. Jump in headfirst and be prepared to feel inspired, a little dirty, and fully alive in Christ! 


With WAM you don’t just take a missions trip, you get an authentic missions experience...full of adventure, worship, seeking God, team bonding, family-style dinners, unique ministry and outreaches. Trips may be a little pricier, but everything is included and we typically stay in quality hotels or accommodations, eat good food at local restaurants, charter our own transportation, bless the ministries and churches we work with, and do lots of exciting adventures every place we visit.


We’ve been taking teams overseas on mission trips for over 30 years and look forward to helping you experience a powerful, exciting, and life-changing mission trip.

A Lifetime of Missions ~ The Kingdom Legacy


This opportunity is very limited and expiring. Businesses, individuals, ministries, families, and churches...INVEST in the kingdom of God and send yourself, a family member, or another young person to the mission field.

~Make a $10,000 Donation and receive four (4) free mission trips (credits) to use, however and whenever you'd like and to any of our mission trips available at ANYTIME with no expiration dates. There is no cash value attached to this opportunity.

~Make a $25,000 Donation and receive eleven (11) free mission trips (credits) to use, however and whenever you'd like and to any of our mission trips available at ANYTIME with no expiration dates. There is no cash value attached to this opportunity.

WAM 2025 Mission Trips

Antigua, Guatemala
Winter Break Adventure 

December 27 -January 6, 2025


20% Early Savings Ends July 10, 2024


*Community city and home to home outreaches 

*Antigua evangelism *Children's ministry

*Girls home, orphanage outreaches, village trip and more


*Trekking a volcano and roasting marshmallows in the steam vents

*Lake Atitlan excursion *Markets *Beach day

You'll love Antigua's ancient cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, parks, and restaurants, all surrounded by beautiful sleeping volcanos. Antigua is the cultural hub of Guatemala and draws tourists from all around the world, but on its outskirts are families who struggle to earn enough money for basic food and shelter. Children as young as seven often give up the chance for education to help sustain their families.


Our team will reach out to bring hope, joy, and the love of God to Antigua, as we partner with local ministries and an amazing local church, to disrupt the darkness of poverty and provide some hands-on help through food distribution and sharing the good news of the Gospel that God cares, has mercy, and a plan for their lives. Our outreaches will continue serve to brighten the future of Antigua as the Word of God will never return empty!


~Team devotionals and worship throughout the trip~


Cusco, Peru
Missions Adventure 

May 17 - 28, 2025


20% Early Savings Ends July 10, 2024


*Community school outreaches *Cusco evangelism

*Food and medicine distribution to remote villages

*Girls home, orphanage outreaches and ministry

*Overnight village trip and more


*Horseback trek in the Andes 

*Hot Springs *Inca market 

*Zip Lining *Machu Picchu

Cusco, Peru is such an amazing place filled with cobblestone streets, amazing Incan culture, great cafes and restaurants. 16th century Spanish Baroque style churches are mixed with the ruins of a preserved Incan culture that dominates the historic Plaza de Armas. Our team will stay in a quaint Cusco hotel in the center of Cusco, minister daily in Cusco, outer communities and do off the beaten path outreaches to remote villages. Each evening we will eat out as a team, family-style, in the many different restaurants in Cusco.


~Team devotionals and worship throughout the trip~


Tokyo, Japan
Missions Outreach 

June 1 - 15, 2025


20% Early Savings Ends July 10, 2024


WAM seeks to introduce many Japanese to that grace through many local church/ministry and school/day-camp outreaches, a community sports and arts outreach, and much more! We will hold special children/youth outreaches to non-Christian neighborhood kids as well as other potential unique opportunities like helping farmers harvest seaweed, overnight village trips, cooking classes, creating YouTube videos, teaching Bible/English classes, and more.


Free day adventures planned and may include; a Sumo Show Experience, a cruise on Lake Ashi while enjoying lunch at the foot of Mt. Fuji, and returning to Tokyo on the bullet train, touring Tokyo in the most eccentric way possible by driving a custom go-kart (with costumes!) or having an authentic samurai experience/workshop are just some of the many options!


Apply early and be a part of a life-changing time in Tokyo, summer of 2025!


~Team devotionals and worship throughout the trip~


Botswana, Africa 

Okavango Delta Village Trip * Victoria Falls

June 17 - July 3, 2025


20% Early Savings Ends July 10, 2024

We are partnering with our friends at Love Botswana


 *Primary school ministry *Home to home ministry

*Lorato House rescue centre for children

*Church and children ministry *3-Day AMAZING Okavango Delta village trip

3-Day Victoria Falls debrief adventure & Chobe Safari Adventure

*Zambezi gorge swing * Horseback giraffe experience

*Cultural African dinner and drum show

We've put together a mission trip that rivals anything you've ever experienced! Indiana Jones type adventures and powerful and very authentic ministry to a people group that doesn't know the'll see that Botswana will carve a place in your heart! 


~Team devotionals and amazing worship throughout the trip~

Arusha, Tanzania 

Missions Outreach

June 13 - June 28, 2025


20% Early Savings Ends July 10, 2024

*Christian school teaching and ministry *Home to home prayer ministry * Children ministry 

VBS community school outreach & Maasai village trip! 


2-Day Ngorongoro crater safari adventure *Maasai market 

*Materuni waterfalls, coffee tour and Kikuletwa hot springs

Arusha is such a special place and the ministry is geared for those that enjoy working with children in a school setting. From teaching classes, reading stories, singing, dancing, playing games and sports, this type of ministry makes a long lasting impact in the children's lives and the community they live in. You will build great relationships with the students and even visit their homes and meet their families. 


~Team devotionals and worship throughout the trip~


Chiang Mai, Thailand
Missions Adventure 

July 18 - August 3, 2025


20% Early Savings Ends July 10, 2024


Nestled in the mountains of northern Thailand, the city of Chiang Mai is quickly developing into an influential voice to the rest of the country, and very open to the gospel. We have partnered with a great missionaries/ministry and a gospel-centered church seeking to continue building a worshipping, Gospel community—one that impacts people’s everyday lives through relationships, home to home prayer and ministry, worship, red-light district outreaches, church ministry, children's ministry, school and orphanages and more. The gospel can transform lives and through the many opportunities offered to share the gospel, we guarantee that lives will be changed and an eternal impact will be made.


Our village trip to northern Thailand is home to a number of ethnic minority groups known broadly as "the hill tribes," each of which maintains its own culture, language and dress. Centuries-old cycles of poverty have left thousands of hill tribe children without parents, without education, and without hope...we plan on bringing the hope of Christ to the the hill tribes of Thailand. 


Our free days will consist of visiting the Patara Elephant Farm (or Mountain Elephant Sanctuary) where we will spend a once-in-a-lifetime day as an "Elephant owner for a day." You will experience bathing and brushing an elephant in the river, bare-back riding your elephant through a forest and to a waterfall, feed and check its health, and learn to communicate with it through certain spoken commands. (as seen on The Amazing Race,) Other adventures during our free days will consist of shopping at the Chiang Mai gate market, experiencing all the amazing food at the night bazaar​, attending a cultural dinner and traditional Thai dance, and be part of an unbelievable full-day of kayaking and caving during our Jungle Tour! 


Apply early and be a part of a life-changing time in Thailand, summer of 2025!


~Team devotionals and worship throughout the trip~


Ausangate horeback trek

"...but I say, wake up and look around. The  fields are already ripe for harvest..." John 4:35  

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