2020 Peru
The Ultimate Spring Break Mission

March 20 - 29 (For Spring Break 23rd - 27th) 

$2,785 (Age Limit 16-24 yrs old)













Details and Itinerary


A mix of amazing outreaches, helping those in need, and sharing hope to those that are unfortunate, combined with some breathtaking adventures make this Spring Break a mission trip to remember!


Peru is definitely one of the most intriguing and cultural countries in Latin America. Our outreach team will spend a short time in Lima and work with a local church reaching out to impoverished barrios and helping Venezuelans who have escaped the chaos of a corrupt regime, find a thriving church community that cares for their needs. We'll also go house to house in a poor area, playing, sharing, and doing skits in a local school, and praying for their needs. One of many highlights is when we rent out a small soccer arena and invite the locals and church youth to join in for a little friendly competition...also a time for a little soccer clinic for the little kids!

The majority of our time will be in Cusco. We will distribute food and bibles to villages outside of Cusco, villages that have not heard the Gospel, many that don't celebrate knowing Christ, and many families that don't have Bibles. We've built a relationship for many years with many of the leaders in these villages, and continue to bring teams to their communities, blessing them with food, school supplies, medicine, soccer balls, and bibles. Through our relationships, these villages are opening up and allowing us to share more and more of the Gospel each time we visit. 


Through translators, you will have the chance to share your testimony, pray for those who come to salvation, as well as simply praying for whatever needs they may have.


Our free days will consist of shopping in the infamous Cusco curio market, a breathtaking horseback trek in the Andes, sand-surfing and dune buggy rides over the desert dunes outside of Ica, staying the night in Huacachina, surrounded by sand dunes, and enjoying a soak in the hot springs at one of the villages we visit. You'll savor delicious Nutella and strawberry crepes, hot chocolate or some local Inka Cola as you stroll through the cobbled streets to the Plaza de Armas Plaza in Cusco. Visiting the legendary Machu Picchu will be an exciting day as we take the classic Inka Rail to Aguas Caliente.



What’s Included:
• Round-trip international flight from Miami, FL to Lima, Peru and local flight to Cusco, Peru
• Embassy Suites hotel accommodations (or similar) in Miami during training/team reception
• Hotel accommodations in Lima, Huacachina, Cusco, and Ollantaytambo
• All in-country transportation to/from airports and to/from ministry sites throughout the trip
• Daily meals (3 per day) in Miami during training and all in-country meals (3 per day), and plenty of bottled water

• Ministry Materials, Translators, local guides, drivers, chefs, and all pre-trip set-up

• Trip t-shirt

• Medical Emergency Insurance

• All Free Day Excursions...including Machu Picchu, Horseback trek, dune sand-surfing, etc.


What’s Not Included:
• Domestic flight from your hometown to Miami, FL
• Passport

• Immunizations (see CDC button)
• Snacks in all airports and Souvenirs



2020 Basic Trip Itinerary

( Subject to change...A comprehensive itinerary will be sent 30 days prior to the trip.)


Team Devotionals & Amazing Worship throughout the trip!



Friday, March 20: Miami
Once you arrive our airport greeting team will meet you at the airport and later that evening have a late dinner together as a team and begin our team sessions. During this time, we will have some team bonding time and go over trip logistics, rules, safety, cultural items, team communication, and then have a worship service and meeting. *You will be sharing a room with others (same gender) as it helps create team bonding...and is just more fun!



Saturday, March 21: Miami. to Lima.
Depart for Lima (International ticket confirmation will be sent to you 30 days prior to departure.) We arrive in Lima in the evening. After meeting our contacts in the airport, we will head to our hotel, regroup, and get some sleep.



Sunday, March 22: Lima. 

On our first day in Lima, we will be involved with a couple local churches that really love the Lord and have made a big impact in and around Lima. We will be part of a church service and then do outreaches into some of the poor barrios, schools, and play some soccer at an small arena we rent out!



Monday, March 23: Ica

Travel to Ica and Huacachina to see the Oasis in the Desert. We'll ride dune-buggies and sand-surf the dunes! After a beautiful sunset on the dunes, we'll stay at the beautiful Huacachina Oasis for the night.



Tuesday, March 24: Lima-Cusco

We will depart early for Lima and head to the airport for our flight to Cusco. In the later part of the afternoon we will visit a local orphanage, share a s skit, a few testimonies, paint fingernails and make some bracelets for the girls...many who have been rescued from difficult situations and human trafficking. Later that evening we will get some wood-fired pizza, hang out at the beautiful and centuries old Plaza de Armas (main square), grab a little latte, dessert and wifi at a local cafe, and then head back to the hotel.



Wednesday, March 25: Pacchanta Village Outreach

Remote village Outreach. We will be singing, sharing our testimonies, eating an authentic Peruvian meal together, and praying for the needs of families. We will also be distributing soccer balls, school supplies, and Bibles. The whole village will be sharing some cultural songs, and dances with our team. After returning to our hotel/hostel, we’ll go to a hot springs and then afterwards eat a late dinner. After dinner we will debrief the day and relax. We will spend the night in a small hotel/hostel in the village.Team dinner and Trek briefing. 



Thursday, March 26: Pacchanta Horseback Trek - Ollantaytambo

After breakfast we’ll take a morning horseback trek into the beautiful Andes. We’ll eat lunch on the mountain and enjoy a team devo and some worship. After we return, we’ll leave for Ollantaytambo (2 1/2 hrs away) where we’ll eat dinner in the main square. Small group discussions and Bed.



Friday, March 27: Machu Picchu/Cusco

We'll take the Inca Rail to one of the 7 Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu! We'll take a guided exploration of the ruins, then souvenir shop/grab some refreshments in Aguas Calientes. Train to Ollantaytambo and back to Cusco. Later that evening we will get some dinner, have some dessert and wifi at a local cafe, and then head back to the hotel.



Saturday, March 28: Cusco - Lima - Miami (Depart Lima Late Evening) 

Early morning we'll visit another village with many children, sharing our time with them playing games, doing a skit, sharing our testimonies, and praying for any needs they have. Afterwards, we'll have lunch and then do a little souvenir shopping at the Cusco curio market, and later in the afternoon, fly back to Lima where we'll have dinner at the airport, debrief as a team and catch a late flight back to Miami. Arrival Saturday Morning



Sunday, March 29: All team members depart after 2 p.m  for home.


Health-Extended Trip

Altitude – Our trip to Cusco, Peru will take us to remote regions at high altitude. We always take our time to acclimatize properly by allowing for additional rest. When gaining in altitude above 10,000 feet, we have included sufficient rest or “layover” time to ensure that you acclimatize properly. While many people may experience minor ill effects from high altitudes, there are some who have persistent symptoms that require returning to a lower altitude. We do our best to allow a pace for everyone to acclimatize. We cannot determine how you will do at higher altitudes, but being in the best shape possible and having a lower body fat percentage will help greatly. Should you require any medication whatsoever, you must provide your own and be able to administer it yourself. Medical supplies in Peru are not reliable or guaranteed, though we will have a fully stocked medical kit on the trip.



Talk to your doctor about any prescriptions you are currently taking or should take in case you get sick, and also about the following vaccinations: Hepatitis A, Typhoid.  Malaria and Yellow Fever are not required or suggested for this trip as there is very low risk.


See Center for Disease Control and Prevention requirements for Peru; (click on CDC button).

Our training and starting place for this trip will take place at the Embassy Suites in Miami, FL. (Lodging can be subject to change.)