Kilimanjaro "Spring Break" Trek  

March 5 - 14  *  $3,475  * For Ages 16-24

$100 Deposit Required With Your Registration


The Kilimanjaro "Spring Break" Trek is a 5-Day private, guided trek, therefore a deposit is needed up front. All deposits are included in the cost of the trip and are non-refundable. Our team size "goal" for this adventure is anywhere between 12-15 people.

1. Complete the Registration!

2. Go to the "Donate" Page and pay the $100 Deposit. (Registration will be incomplete without Deposit)


3. E-mail a "headshot" photo of yourself for our Kilimanjaro team page to:

Registration Form

Your Holy Land Registration was sent successfully! Please go to the "Donate" page to pay the $500 trip deposit to complete your registration. Also, please email a "Headshot" photo. Thank you!