Holy Land & Petra Tour Registration

With Masada, Dead Sea, Qumran & Petra Excursions

June 16 - 27


*500 Deposit Required With Your Registration


The Holy Land & Petra Tour is a WAM private guided tour, therefore a deposit is needed up front. All deposits are included in the cost of the trip and are non-refundable. Our team size usually ranges between 15-20 people, and the price of the trip is based on double-occupancy. Each person will be paired with someone of the same gender, unless signing up together and wanting to be roommates throughout the trip, or a married couple.

1. Complete the Registration!

2. Go to the "Donate" Page and pay the $500 Deposit. (Registration will be incomplete without Deposit)


3. E-mail a "headshot" photo of yourself for our team page to: go@wideawakemissions.org

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