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WAM  International Internship
~African Gap Semester~

South Africa * Botswana * Tanzania

Including outreaches, adventures and excursions to: Cape Town, Zambia, The Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls, a Maasai village outreach, and Zanzibar Island

Partnering with our friends at Impact Africa, Love Botswana and Maranatha Worship Center & School

January 20 - May 6, 2024  *  Open To Those Ages 18-26

Cost $10,800


















Details and Basic Itinerary

After being accepted and securing your spot with a $200 deposit, we will send you a WAM African Gap Semester hoodie and via email, our African Gap Semester "GO GUIDE."

(Schedules, outreaches, adventures, and excursions can be subject to change.) 


Who is the WAM International Internship * African Gap Semester for?

  • Those young adults, ages 18–26, who are self-motivated, flexible, hungry to go deeper with God, passionate about worship, emotionally healthy, and have surrendered their lives to Christ. 

  • Those wanting and expecting God to do something amazing in and through them during the Gap Semester as they step towards the front lines of powerful outreaches, adventures, and ministry.

  • Those ready to dive into the Great Commission of Jesus—Matthew 28:16–20 and Mark 16:15–18.

  • Those looking to concentrate on this: Leaving the past behind and with hands outstretched to whatever lies ahead going straight for the goal, our reward, and our honor of being called by God in Christ. (Philippians 3:12–14)

  • Those ready to serve, love, disciple, and be discipled in a "family" team atmosphere.

  • Those ready to believe that this gap semester in where Jesus smashes everything in your life and opens your eyes to a new, fresh, and adventurous passion—a task that is greater than yourself.

  • Those who are full of curiosity, ready to see what the Lord will do!

  • And lastly, those who want to live your adventure dangerously in the hands of God, connecting on deeper levels, seeing beyond borders, and drawing closer to the one who created you. If you want to be an ambassador of the one who is the truth, the everlasting life, and the way to eternal life, then this African Gap Semester is for you!

Join us as we take faith, adventure, and ministry to another level! On this gap semester to Africa, we will partner with friends who have established powerful missions and ministry/outreach bases in Johannesburg, South Africa (Impact Africa), Maun, Botswana (Love Botswana), and Arusha, Tanzania (Maranatha Worship Center & School) Their hearts are broken for the nations, and they have established some of the most incredible programs, outreaches, and ministry opportunities.


Many people have been served, educated, and discipled in their communities through their seasoned and socially relevant outlets of ministry service and programs. You will get the chance to be involved in many serving and teaching opportunities such as preschools, baby rescue centers, evangelistic outreaches, community care centers, church plants, home to home care, children's ministries and schools, VBS programs, youth groups, Bible school, orphan care, sports programs, worship/drama/skits, and much more!

You will experience a mix of amazing outreaches, daily ministry, community development, children's ministry, and discipleship. They will be sharing their testimonies and praying for the sick; praying with people during house to house evangelism; and engaging in small work projects, outreaches, orphan care, and more. All of these ministry opportunities combined with some breathtaking adventures, quality lodging, food, and private transportation make this gap semester a life-changing experience.

During the course of the African Gap Semester, you will personally develop through reading the entire New Testament and participating in daily quiet times, intentional journaling, and small group devotions. We will be reading a couple books to further challenge us in our walk with the Lord as we dive into learning how to hear God's voice in our life and gain a deeper understanding of missions, spiritual gifts and talents, personalities, habits, and weaknesses.



What’s Included: (no additional hidden costs)
• Round-trip international flight from NYC, NY, to Johannesburg, South Africa, Tanzania, and all local flights to Maun, Botswana, Cape Town, Zanzibar, Zambia, and Victoria Falls
• All lodging, food (three quality meals a day and plenty of bottled/filtered water), and transportation
• All in-country transportation to/from airports and to/from ministry sites throughout the Gap Semester

• Ministry materials, translators, local guides, drivers, chefs, leaders, and all pre-trip set-up and local leadership.

• African Gap Semester hoodie

• Medical emergency insurance

• All excursions and adventures: including safaris (2), African dinner show, Victoria Falls, Zanzibar and more

• All outreaches, ministry tools, equipment use, food distribution, and expenses

• Internship books and Gap Semester materials


What’s Not Included:
• Domestic flight from your hometown to NYC, NY
• Passport/Visas

• Immunizations (see CDC button)
• Personal spending money, personal snacks in all airports and during the Gap Semester, and souvenirs

Weekly laundry, personal items, and medications/doctor visits

• Additional adventures not planned but optional, e.g., bungee jumping, gorge swing, kite surfing, etc.



2024 Basic Trip Itinerary

( Subject to change. A comprehensive itinerary will be sent prior to the trip.)



January 22–24: Arrive NYC.

Once you arrive, we will meet you at the airport and later that evening have a late dinner together as a team. The next day we will spend a time bonding as a team, visiting a couple sites in NYC and going over all the trip logistics, rules, safety, cultural items, team communication, internship schedule, and expectations. We will conclude this team-bonding time with a worship service and a commissioning service.



January 24: Depart NYC to Johannesburg, South Africa

January 26: Arrive Johannesburg, South Africa

Beginning of orientation with ministry partner Impact Africa

BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER. ACCOMMODATIONS: Impact Africa International Training Base

January 26 - February 26: Impact Africa Headquarters, Outreaches and Ministry

Daily Outreaches and Ministry with Impact Africa. 

BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER. ACCOMMODATIONS: Impact Africa International Training Base

February 27 - March 7: Depart for Cape Town Outreach

Daily Outreaches and special excursions and adventures


March 8-15: Depart for Maun, Botswana

Daily Outreaches and Ministry with Love Botswana and Life Church. 


March 15-23: Okavango Delta Village Outreach

Daily Outreaches and Ministry


March 24-26: Love Botswana Headquarters, Maun

Botswana Ministry Debrief


March 27-31: Victoria Falls and Zambia Outreach

Special orphanage ministry, safari, Victoria Falls, rappelling, and African dinner show.


April 1: Victoria Falls to Arusha, Tanzania

April 1-April 21: Maranatha Headquarters, Arusha

Daily Outreaches, Ministry in Arusha and a and special 2-day Safari.


April 21-April 28: Maasai Village Outreach

Daily Ministry to the Maasai

ACCOMMODATIONS: Church Guest House


April 29 - May 4: Depart for Zanzibar

Daily Outreaches, Ministry and Beach Adventures


April 29 - May 4: Depart for Zanzibar

Daily Outreaches, Ministry and Beach Adventures


May 5: Depart Zanzibar for NYC, NY

Special team dinner and final debrief


May 6: Everyone depart for home.

Gap Semester FAQs

Will there be free days? 

Yes, there will be weekly free days! There will be downtimes throughout the semester for relaxation, evenings around bonfires, swimming pool time (in SA), games, sports/fitness and gym time (fully equipped gym in Botswana), shopping, hiking , going to restaurants, and times of team fun...ALL as a team for safety reasons. Sundays are Sabbath, and we'll go to church together as a team. Sometimes we'll be part of the service, teaching Sunday school or sharing a word or testimony.

What is the application process? 

Once you’ve submitted an application, we'll email you and schedule a phone interview. During this time, we just want to learn more about you and answer any questions you may have. Afterwards, we'll prayerfully consider your application and email you about your acceptance within a few days. Once accepted, you must secure your spot in the internship with a $200 deposit (which will go toward your overall internship cost). Within a week, you will receive an email with the African Gap Semester "Go Guide" that will contain all the "Next Steps" of information (like payment deadlines, packing list, domestic ticket information, passport and immunization information, etc.) 

What is the communication like? 

Once accepted, we'll always be available to help you with any questions you may have concerning fundraising, planning, packing, prayer requests, and logistical information you need prior to the internship.

What can I expect?

Our trips are designed for adventurous spirits and are extremely hands-on, one-of-a-kind mission experiences that are filled with the following: unique ministry, off-the-beaten-path backdrops, and amazingly colorful people and cultures all intertwined in various opportunities to share and reflect Christ. Sharing meals together is always a highlight! We like to keep things positive as we deal with foreign language barriers, confusing cultural differences, team dynamics, and an endless supply of comfort zone challenges and third-world schedule challenges that everyone will need to adapt to. It’s in this squeeze and testing that we move closer to the Lord and each other. It’s in the power of God’s love through the giving of ourselves that we become less, so that He may become more in us and through us!

What if I can't go or raise the money? 

We credit donations toward your specific fundraising goal, but it’s technically donated to Wide Awake Missions. Wide Awake Missions is a 501(c)(3) organization and is bound by IRS regulations and our ministry guidelines. These regulations require donations to be non-refundable and non-transferable. Tax deductible donations must be made to an organization, not an individual, and funds are managed under the full “control and discretion” of the organization. To see a copy of our donation policies, click here.

If you are not able to go on the African Gap Semester for some reason, you may be offered the opportunity to defer to a later semester opportunity or summer mission trip. Funds raised—minus anything already expensed (e.g., plane tickets, set up costs, any non-refundable deposits, etc.,)—can typically transfer to your new fundraising goal.

How safe is the African Gap Semester? 

Travel brings risk. We have worked hard to put extensive safety protocols in place. But all interns need to realize things happen that we can’t predict. We monitor political, health, weather, and other risks in the regions where we serve. This information includes the U.S. State Department travel warnings. All interns will be automatically enrolled in a travel insurance policy. The insurance company works closely with us to ensure you will receive the care you need. We have highly experienced contacts, a Country Director, and an Intern Director who can develop contingency plans as needed, so we are always ready to move everyone quickly if the need arises. 

Can married couples apply? 

Yes! Married couples need to apply and interview separately. We require couples to be married for at least one year before the African Gap Semester. We will not accept individuals in a marriage without their spouse.

Do I have to get all the vaccinations recommended by the CDC ? 

Talk to your doctor about any prescriptions you are currently taking or should take in case you get sick, and also discuss the following vaccinations: childhood vaccinations/boosters, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Malaria, 

and Yellow Fever. If a vaccination is required by the country to allow entry, then that vaccination must be taken. Other vaccinations are a personal choice and decision, as everyone has their own risk tolerance, personal beliefs concerning vaccinations, and health and safety thresholds. All that being said, we would strongly suggest following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's requirements/suggestions.

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